NuSep offers a complete range of precast gels for protein electrophoresis.

  • Run time from 30 minutes
  • Visualize proteins with UV in 2 minutes
  • Choice of 3 cassette sizes - Compatible with Biorad and Thermo tanks
  • Compatible with Tris-Glycine running buffers
  • 18 months shelf life (at 4°C)
  • Broad migration range of 205- 2.5 kDa
  • Choice of wells per cassette (10, 12, 15, 17)

Compatible with all 10 cm tanks

3 different types of gel to fit all tanks :

  • NB: Fits Biorad Mini Protean tanks

  • NN: Fits Thermo Fisher XCell SureLock tanks

  • NG: Compatible with all other 10 cm tanks (see compatibility HERE)

2 minutes visualization by UV

All nUView precast gels incorporate a unique formulation allowing protein bands to be visualized in only 2 minutes in the presence of ultraviolet (UV) light.

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Flexibility to run in different buffer systems

NuSep gel can be developed in a range of Tris buffers with different counter ions, each producing subtle variation to the migration pattern.

Compatible with Tris-Glycine running buffers

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