Jellyfish collagen

Jellyfish collagen

Next generation collagen for cell culture and stem cell research

Jellagen Jellyfish Collagen : Best in class collagen biomaterial for in-vitro studies

Next Generation – Versatile products from a novel, sustainable and low environment impact source that performs comparatively better than mammalian collagen sources.
Non mammalian – Disease free and vector free (BSE) products, bio burden free material.
Evolutionary ancient lineage - Due to the evolutionary ancient lineage of jellyfish collagen we have witnessed that it does not fit any particular type of collagen but works effectively as various collagen types depending on the application
Scientifically proven – Jellagen's claims and performance is verified by application specific scientific data.
Ethically derived – Jellagens raw material are sourced ethically, environmentally consciously and collaboratively with marine biologists to ensure there is no impact to the marine ecosystem.
High performing biomaterial - Performs as well as Rat tail (but has the added benefit of being human biocompatible) and better than Bovine
Non Cytotoxic - Provides a cleaner starting material for research – Jellyfish is disease free and non cytoxic
Human biocompatible – Better performing than all other human biocompatible collagen sources. Rat tail is not human biocompatible.
Easier transfer from in vitro to in vivo study – due to Jellyfish collagen being human biocompatible

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