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Boxes for microscope slides

Boxes for microscope slides

Safeguard valuable patient tissue

We offer a range of slide and cassette storage solutions to safeguard valuable patient tissue throughout the histology process workflow. The storage boxes are made of durable cardboard, covered with a tight fitting lid to ensure complete protection. The interior of the boxes are sectioned in a way that each slide or cassette projects above the partition, thereby enabling easy location and removal.The 10- and 20- place cardboard slide trays are available in a variety of colors with enclosing flaps for ease of handling and transportation. Front slide protection flaps can fold back without damaging the hinge. Each slot has a thumb cut for easy slide removal. The index on the inside cover ensures easy slide identification for traceability.

  • Numerical index for slide labelling
  • Identify and organize slides conveniently.
Secure storage
  • Securely hold slides for short and long-term storage
  • Space saving with compact design.
Simple handling
  • Easy insertion and removal of slides
  • Safe transit with robust and durable construction.

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