Washing buffers - Immunoassays

Washing buffers - Immunoassays

In each of the immunoassay techniqueswashing steps are required to remove unbound and excessive components that are capable of interfering with the assay. These washing steps are carried out after each incubation step.

We offer a wide range of washing buffers specifically designed for a particular technique (ELISA, WB or IHC) or compatible with all immunoassays.
Wash buffers are available with different options, such as the base of the TRIS or PBS pad, or with or without detergents to adapt to the technique you use. For example, for immunohistochemistry it is recommended to use a buffer without Tween or other detergents because these may interfere and generate false positives or false negatives. Similarly, PBS-based buffers should not be used when developing with alkaline phosphatase.

Most of our washing pads are compatible with automatic plate washers (please refer to the instructions for use of each product and the characteristics of your appliance).

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