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CellMadeTM , your Biomarker Solution Center

CellMadeTM developed strong expertise in discovery, development and validation of biomarkers for inflammatory and metabolic diseases. CellMadeTM believes in shared innovation and now opens access to its CellInsightTM technology platform allowing researchers to use the tools that made us successful in developing our own biomarker programs.
CellMadeTM solutions will enable you to define and design a comprehensive biomarker strategy tailored to your specific needs:
  • Biobank: define your tissue sourcing project
  • Cell Models: use our normal and disease human primary cells
  • Cellular Engineering: use our advanced 3D and coculture cell models
  • Molecular Biology: ready-to-use kits for viral and bacterial detection and polymorphisms related to inflammatory and metabolic diseases
  • Defined in vitro and ex vivo Cellular Study Models;
  • Comprehensive portfolio of assays: Functional assays; Profiling assays; Biochemical assays; NASH experimental biomarker.
CellMadeTM trusted technology and expertise will assist your research efforts in many ways.