Cell Biologics

Cell Biologics is a premier company and the first to offer genetically modified and normal mouse primary endothelial cells and other mouse cell types. The production of mouse primary endothelial cells was not economically or technically feasible until the creation of our company- Cell Biologics. The goal of our scientists and staff is to provide you with the best murine primary endothelial cells and other mouse primary cells for your research needs and to give you customized solutions to your specific research problems.

While genetically modified mice have proven to be a useful model for many human pathologies, culture of murine normal or genetically modified endothelial cells and other mouse primary cells are extremely beneficial to multidisciplinary, biomedically important, endothelial cell research in the areas of cell adhesion, angiogenesis, gene therapy and drug targeting. Cell Biologics is dedicated to the rapid development of significant basic and clinical research on the endothelium by saving investigators time, money, and laboratory costs in the production of consistent normal and genetically modified cells in a timely and reproducible manner.