Alpha Diagnostic International

Alpha Diagnostic International, Inc. (ADI) is a privately held, U.S. biotechnology company headquartered in San Antonio, Texas.  ADI develops, manufactures, and supplies novel diagnostic and quality control reagents and test kits for use in basic biological and disease research in humans and animals.  An important mission of ADI is to develop and supply diagnostic and validating solutions for promoting global health through improved vaccine therapeutics and mitigating the spread of human and animal diseases.

Unique Technologies:

RecombiVirus ELISA Kits:  RecombiVirus series of ELISA kits are based upon purified, recombinant viral and bacterial antigens.  Such kits are available for research for Ebola, MERS, HPV, Meningitis B, etc.

VacciGel ELISA Kits:  VacciGel series ELISA kits are an innovative and industry's first test for the direct identification and measurement of vaccine components adsorbed on Alum adjuvants.  The VacciGel series of kits are available for Hepatitis B, Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Rabies, and HCG (anti-fertility) vaccines.

TruStrip Sample Transfer System:  TruStrip sample transfer system is a novel product that allows for quantitative loading and elution of small volume liquid samples on adsorbent pads.

TruStrip Western Blot Validation and Quantification System:  TruStrip western blot validation and quantification system allows researchers to trouble shoot western blot experiments and perform accurate quantification of proteins of interest.

Focus Areas

  • Improved vaccines (human and animals)
  • Humanized antibodies and Therapeutics
  • Rapid tests for research and veterinary diagnostic
  • Consumer food product testing
  • Novel sample transfer and validation systems
  • Primary antibodies for basic reasearch
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