Agarose Bead, Agarose HR (High Resolution)

Cat# 544534-100g

Size : 100g

Brand : US Biological

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Phone : +1 850 650 7790

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Blue Ice

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Agarose HR is a molecular screening Agarose that improves resolution of small DNA fragments and PCR products. This agarose is recommended for applications that require efficient separation of small DNA fragments and PCR products. High resolution of short PCR products and DNA fragments. Better handling than competitors even with lower concentrations of agarose. High resolution gels for <1000 bp fragments.

EEO (Electroendosmosis):
≤ 0.12

≤ 0.11%

Gel Strength %:
3% at ≥1500 g/cm2

Gelling Temperature:
≤ 35.5 °C

Melting Temperature:
≤ 80°C

DNAse/ RNAse Activity:
None detected

DNA Resolution ≥1000 bp:
Finely resolved

Gel Background:
Very low

Dna Binding:
Very low

Storage Temperature:
Store in a dry place at 20°C.

Important Note
This product as supplied is intended for research use only, not for use in human, therapeutic or diagnostic applications without the expressed written authorization of United States Biological. Toxicity and Hazards