Blood Direct PCR Kit V2

Katalog-Nummer PD103-02

Size : 200rxns(50µl/rxn)

Blood Direct PCR Kit V2 PD103

Product Introduction

Blood Direct PCR Kit can perform PCR directly on whole blood samples without the need for DNA purification or sample pretreatment. This kit is applicable for fresh blood, blood stored at 4°C, frozen blood, and dried blood stains stored on Whatman903 or FTA commercial cards, and is compatible with all conventional anticoagulants (EDTA, Citrate Acid, Heparin, etc.). It contains Phanta Blood Super-Fidelity DNA Polymerase, which is modified based on Phanta Super-Fidelity DNA Polymerase. This enzyme has superior resistance to PCR inhibitors in whole blood samples and can amplify whole blood concentrations up to 40%. Equipped with optimized 2 × Phanta Blood Buffer V2, Blood Direct PCR Kit V2 can efficiently amplify genomic fragments up to 10 kb from whole blood samples.

Product Advantages

Special lysate based on proteinase K;
The lysate is directly used for PCR amplification without the need to extract the genome;
It is widely suitable for the amplification of target fragments within 2 kb, and is suitable for multiple PCR reactions within 4 pairs of primers.


PD103 Components


Store at -30 ~ -15℃  for up to 18 months, and transport at ≤0℃.

Application Notes Abstract

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