Almost over 4.800 different products labeled with [3H] / [14C] / [125I] from Acacetine to Xylose are available in our database and cover Signal Transduction products like cAMP/cGMP RIA, Ion Channel products, Second Massengers, Phosphoinositides and Bioactive Lipids.The majority of these radiochemicals are manufactured by American Radiolabeled Chemicals, Inc.

Custom synthesis is an important part of our business. We employ a group of highly skilled and experienced Ph.D. chemists who can tackle virtually any type of organic and biochemical synthesis. Because of our small size we offer very competitive prices, fast delivery, high quality products and prompt quotations. In most cases we are able to give immediate quotations and beat other competitors' prices by a wide margin.

We undertake both large as well as small size orders for custom synthesis for potentially new catalog products. Many of the exclusive products in our current catalog have been derived from custom synthesis.

We will be happy to sign a formal confidentiality agreement with your organization.

Our new products with short-lived isotopes.

Please feel free to ask for our complete list of radiochemical products or a quote here

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