We supply complex organic chemicals for biomedical research world-wide to a client base including major biotechnology based corporations, pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies, manufacturers of specialty chemicals as well as to researchers at hospitals, universities and research institutions.

Furthermore we offer more than 11.000 mono- and polyclonal antibodies for research and diagnosis. A vast number of secondary antibodies labeled to AP, Biotin, Colloidal Gold, Cyan, FITC, HRP, PE, Texas Red™ and TRITC are available. You will find them under "Immunoglobulin......" in our database. Ready to use substrate solutions and fizzing tablets for the visualisation are also available.

The range of more than 1900 Neurochemicals from BIOTREND Chemicals AG, Switzerland for pharmacology and neurochemistry research consist of both innovative research tools and established standards. With an unrivalled reputation in Dopaminergics, Excitatory and Inhibitory Amino Acids, Nitric Oxide Compounds, Opioids, Serotonergics and products in many other research areas.

The Biochemical range covers more than 350 lipids, sphingosines, inositides and products for Signal Transduction research in pharmacology and neurochemistry research.

Almost over 1.600 different products labeled with [3H] / [14C] / [125I] from Acacetine to Xylose are available in our database and cover Signal Transduction products like cAMP/cGMP RIA, Ion Channel products, Second Messengers, Phosphoinositides and Bioactive Lipids

All catalogue chemicals are available for on-line ordering. You can search for chemicals by complete or partial strings, or you can browse through our extensive list of Chemicals by category. We recommend to use the advanced search button to obtain more refined results.

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