We took AnyGenes®, an innovative biotechnology company founded in 2007, specialized in the development of novel tools for diagnosis and pharmacogenomics in our portfolio and

Cline Scientific which was founded 2012 in a collaboration between Göteborg University and Chalmers University of Technology to commercialize a patented nanotechnology, namely a method to produce nano scale surface gradients.

AnyGenes® develops and markets:

Various signaling pathways (SignArrays®)

Highly sensitive and specific assay kits for gene specific quantification by real time quantitative PCR

Continuously developed new generation of clinical tests based on large screening of biomarkers involved in targeted therapy

services based on Real-Time technologies to accelerate your projects


Cline Scientific provides innovative nanotechnology based products for use in Life Sciences, e.g. stem cell- and cancer research. The technology is compatible with several materials as well as analytical methods. Moreover, the technology enable possibilities for scale-up in large volumes. The latter is a know issue for other surface nanotechnologies.

Cline Scientific aim to fullfil clients needs. Cline's current products have a uniform basic layout that is easily adapted to suit a wide variety of requirements. In this way Cline can offer research labs and biotech companies versatile tools to improve their progress.

The Cline Nano Gradients can in combination with biomolecules enable unique and precise control of stem cell differentiation, essential in development and production of stem cell therapies.





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