µCryo - a world of cryogenic equipment

Fiberboard boxes


µCryo manufactures high quality cardboard boxes for storage at low and ultra-low temperature of micro- and cryo- vials as well as of centrifuge tubes. Delivered with or without dividers. Fits all freezer inventory rackings. Clearly de cheapest choice!
Polypropylene boxes
µCryo's product range includes colorfull polypropylene boxes. A perfect support for storing your tubes and vials. All boxes are autoclavable at 121°C and freezable down to -90°C. A clear lid offers a view of the content without opening the box. Fits all freezer inventory rackings. Are available in up to 11 colours!

Rackings and Accessories
µCryo's product range also includes:
*Fine stainless steel rackings
*µCryo-labels and markers