Everest Biotech

Everest Biotech was founded in 2000 by a group of Biochemists at the University of Oxford. Their specialist knowledge of antibody purification and proteomics led to the development of a company committed to manufacturing high quality novel antibodies for the research market.
Currently there are over 1500 antibodies listed on the catalogue, with approximately 45 new products added every month.

Website : www.everestbiotech.com


EB06069 (20µg/ml) staining of paraffin embedded
Human Thymus Medulla. Steamed antigen retrieval with
citrate buffer pH 6, AP-staining.

EB07784 (2.5µg/ml) staining of parental and stable knock-down cell line (fixed by 4% formaldehyse, permealized by Triton X100). Primary incubation was 1.5 hour. Detected by fluorescence.


Functional clustering:

Apoptosis and its regulation ATPase activity & ATP binding
DNA Metabolism and Repair GTP-binding & GTP activation
GTPase mediated Signal Transduction Lipid Transport
Metal ion binding / Zinc finger Neuronal development / differentiation
Protein Kinase Activity Protein Phosphatase Activity
Protein transport / localization & binding Proteolysis / Protein Metabolism
RNA binding / splicing / processing Transcription & its regulation
Transmembrane Proteins & Receptors Ubiquitin cycle / Protein Metabolism
Wnt signaling pathway

Disease clustering :

Allergy Autoimmunity
Cancer Cardiovascular
Infectious Metabolic
Neuronal Syndromes