HCS Pharma is a biotechnology start-up company offering services in pre-clinical in vitro research. 

Expertise: the development of new in vitro assays in pharmacology and toxicology in 2D and in 3D culture with BIOMIMESYS technology and their use in medium / high throughput screening by cell imaging: "High Content Analysis" (HCA) / "High Content Screening" (HCS). 

Its proprietary 3D culture technology, BIOMIMESYS® : unique and natural scaffold based on hyaluronic acid, biofunctionalized with other extracellular matrix components, to better mimic the cellular microenvironment of every organ

Its areas of expertise: neurodegenerative diseases (Parkinson, Alzheimer, ...), metabolic disease (steatosis, NAFLD, NASH, …) (immuno)oncology, toxicology (genotoxicity, hepatotoxicity, neurotoxicity ...).

Matrix for physiological 3D culture based on hyaluronic acid

Matrix for physiological 3D culture based on hyaluronic acid

BIOMIMESYS® hydroscaffold 3D is the only technology based Hyaluronic Acid  (HA) and extracellular matrix compound ready to use.

The method of 2D cell culture is not a true reflection of the physiological cell environment where cells connect to other cells and, also to the extracellular matrix (ECM). Therefore some of the processes studied in 2D culture such as gene expression, apoptosis and importantly drug uptake and toxicity may not be directly transferable to in vivo experiments.  BIOMIMESYS®, a Hyaluronic Acid (HA) hydroscaffold have been developed to overcome the 2D flat culture limitations recreating in vivo physiology within the in vitro environment

BIOMIMESYS® hydroscaffold 3D technology is a natural HA-based hydroscaffold to better mimic the tissue microenvironment and provide more predictive tools for drug development. BIOMIMESYS® hydroscaffold products are formed by crosslinking reaction of hydrosoluble biofunctionnalized Hyaluronic Acid and others ECM components (Collagen, Fibronectin…)) with ADH (Adipic acid dihydrazide), to form the extracellular matrix. Depending on the organ, extracellular matrix components are different and at various rates, allowing a more or less dense and compact cellular environment.

HA + RGDS, Galactosamine, Collagen I, Collagen IV
0.6 kPa
HA + RGDS, Collagen I, Collagen IV
0.45 kPa
HA + Collagen I
0.4 kPa
HA + Collagen IV
0.1 kPa