BioMab, Inc. is an immune-based precision medicine company based in Taiwan. Spun-out of Academia Sinica, our current product portfolio focuses on two primary areas of precision medicine: circulating tumor cell (CTC) and companion diagnostics (CDx). The company’s leading product is a Positive CTC Selection Assay, which can detect cancer through a simple blood draw.

CTC is an emerging field that will transform cancer diagnosis and treatment through simple blood draw (“Liquid Biopsy”). The traditional cancer diagnosis involve surgical biopsy and CT scan, which are not only highly invasive, costly, and harmful to patients, but they can only detect cancers at later stage when it is already too late. CTC can be used regularly to monitor cancer survivors to prevent cancer recurrence, and it can also potentially provide a faster and cheaper way for early screening to help eliminate cancers before they start spreading.

Our second area of focus is immune-based companion diagnostics for use in conjunction with targeted therapies, such as antibody drugs, antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) and immunotherapies. BioMab, Inc. is developing a series of immune-based companion diagnostics and proprietary algorithms to facilitate new drugs/therapeutics development companies to maximize the clinical trial success rates for their new drug candidates.

Primary antibodies for immunohistochemistry CE/IVD

Primary antibodies for immunohistochemistry CE/IVD

Immunohistochemistry (IHC) is an important method for pathologists because it specifically visualizes the distribution and amount of a certain molecule in the tissue using a specific antigen-antibody reaction. The applications of IHC are increasing as more and more molecules involved in the pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and cencer are discovered. The unique feature that distinguishes IHC from many other laboratory tests is that it is performed without destroying the histological architecture, so that the evaluation of the expression pattern of the molecule is possible in the context of the microenvironment.

We offer a wide range of primary antibodies validated for diagnosis using the IHC method. All these products bear the CE / IVD mark.

Primary antibodies are available in different formats: concentrated or pre-diluted (ready-to-use) and the range includes both monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies.
Our catalog includes rabbit monoclonal antibodies that have many advantages over mouse polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies.