Quantum™ Simply Cellular® anti-Mouse IgG

Katalog-Nummer BLI815B-5

Size : 5ml

Marke : Polysciences

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Quantum™ Simply Cellular® anti-Mouse IgG

Grouped product items
Catalog Number Unit Size QTY
BLI815A-1 1 ml
BLI815B-5 5 ml
BLI815C-14 14 ml

Product Overview

Quantum™ Simply Cellular® Kits contain a mixture of microbeads which bind specific amounts of IgG antibodies. These standards are calibrated in terms of Antibody Binding Capacity (ABC) and can be used to construct calibration plots to determine the ABC of unknown samples and monitor instrument performance. Our FREE Flow Cytometry Data Analysis template, QuickCal®, is designed to work with all Quantum™ Simply Cellular® Kits (Access Number provided with your standards).

A test requires one drop (50μl) of particle suspension, which is equivalent to ~100,000 particles. Bangs Flow Cytometry Standards are 7-9μm in diameter (unless otherwise noted) to approximate the size of human lymphocytes.

Available in three test size volumes:

A - 20 tests (1ml)

B - 100 tests (5ml)

C - 280 tests (2 x 7ml)

Flow Cytometry, surface marker expression analysis (quantitation)
Shipping Requirements:


Concentration (nom.):
~2.0e+6 particles per mL
Suspending Solution:
PBS pH 7.2 + 0.01% Gelatin + 0.01% Tween 80

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Safety & Storage

Store at 4 degrees celsius;Do not permit to freeze

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