Mouse Monoclonal Anti-CD45 Antibody (Clone: D3/9) - FITC

Mouse Monoclonal Anti-CD45 Antibody (Clone: D3/9) - FITC

Katalog-Nummer 45F1-100T

Size : 100test

Marke : Immunostep

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Telefonnummer : +1 850 650 7790

Product Description

  • D3/9
  • IgG1
  • FCM
  • FITC
  • Please refer to the Certificate of Analysis for the lot-specific concentration.
  • Human Peripheral Blood Leucocytes
  • Human
  • The reagent is provided in aqueous buffered solution containing protein stabilizer, and ≤0.09% sodium azide (NaN3)
  • IVD-CE
  • Link

This antibody reacts with the CD45-antigen, defined T200 or Leucocyte Common Antigen. The antibody reacts with all cells of the haemopoietic lineage, not with cells of other lineages. CD45 plays a critical role in T and B cell antigen receptor-mediated activation by dephosphorylating substrates including p56Lck, p59Fyn, and other Src family kinases and associated with other surface antigen like CD1, CD2, CD3 and CD4.

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