VAHTS DNA Clean Beads

Katalog-Nummer N411-01

Size : 5ml

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VAHTS DNA Clean Beads N411

Product Introduction

VAHTS DNA Clean Beads are designed based on solid phase reverse immobilization (SPRI) and suitable for DNA purification and size selection during library preparation for high-throughput sequencing. The beads are compatible with many brands of DNA and RNA library preparation kits and library preparation processes are reported in the literature. They are used in the same way as the widely-adopted AMPure XP Beads. The library yield and size distribution achieved with the beads are highly consistent with those of AMPure XP Beads. Thus, the beads constitute a perfect replacement for AMPure XP Beads, effective_x005f_x0002_ly reducing the library preparation cost.

Product Features

Effectively remove impurities;
Use the same way as AGENCOURT® RNACLEAN®XP;
Reduce experiment costs


Components N411-01 N411-02 N411-03
VAHTS DNA Clean Beads 5 ml 60 ml 450 ml


Store at 2 ~ 8℃ for up to 18 months, and adjust the transportation mode according to different destinations.

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