Polyethylenimine, Linear, MW 25000, Transfection Grade (PEI 25K„¢)

Katalog-Nummer 23966-100

Size : 100mg

Marke : Polysciences

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Polyethylenimine, Linear (MW 25,000)

Polyethylenimine, Linear, MW 25000, Transfection Grade (PEI 25K™)

CAS Number:
9002-98-6, 26913-06-4
Linear Formula:


Grouped product items
Catalog Number Unit Size QTY
23966-100 100mg
23966-1 1 g

Product Overview

PEI 25K is a powerful, trusted, and cost-effective transient transfection reagent. In HEK293 and CHO expression systems, PEI offers consistently high gene expression on a wide scale (96 well plates up to 100 L bioreactors). Each year, more researchers and companies turn to Polysciences PEI to gain a critical edge in their work. Relative to most other options, using PEI to prepare transfection reagents in-house can offer as much as a 40% reduction in total transfection costs.

Shipping Requirements:


Melting Point:
hot water, cold water at low pH, methanol, and ethanol.
Insoluble In: benzene, ethyl ether and acetone
White to yellow solid
Molecular Weight:

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Safety & Storage

Gloves & fume hood
Store at room temperature

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