Katalog-Nummer GB0235-2.5Kg

Size : 2.5Kg

Marke : Bio Basic

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Telefonnummer : +1 850 650 7790

CAS: [56-40-6]
Grade: Biotech
Storage: 18 to 25C
Product Description: Glycine: Molecular Formula: C2H5NO2 Molecular Weight: 75.07 CAS Number: 56-40-6 pI: 6.06 pKa: for the α carboxyl group: 2.35; and for the α amino group: 9.78 Melting Point: 233-290 oC Glycine does not have a chiral center. Therefore, it does not have a D- or L- isomer designation. This material is synthetic. This product is documented to have been tested, and shown to conform to the USP XXIII specifications for Orgnaic Volatile Impurities (OVI). Organic Volatile Impurity Limits are (in ppm): Benzene, 100; Chloroform, 50; 1,4 Dioxane, 100; Methylene Chloride, 500; Trichloroethylene, 100. In addition, these organic compounds are not used in the manufacture of glycine and are not expected to be generated during manufacture. The controlled handling and storage of glycine ensures that contamination of glycine with these chemicals will not occur. This product can be used to prepare buffers at approximately pH 3.2 and pH 9.
Total Product Size:
GB0235 (500g)
GB0235 (2.5kg)
GB0235 (10kg)
Number of Containers: 1
Shipping Conditions: RT
UNSPSC Code: 41105319
UNSPSC Category: Electrophoresis Reagents

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