dNTP Set (100mM each)

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Katalog-Nummer DD0058-4x0.1ml

Size : 4x0.1ml

Marke : Bio Basic

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dNTP Set (100mM each)
Grade: Biotech
Storage: (-15 to -20)C
Product Description: dNTP Set (100mM each): 4x0.1ml / 4x0.5ml


Contain dATP, dCTP, dGTP and dTTP each 100mM. pH 7.0

dATP 100mM Solution,
dTTP 100mM Solution,
dGTP 100mM Solution,
dCTP 100mM Solution

Quality control:

The concentration is verified by optical density spectrophotometry.
This preparation is free of DNase and RNase contamination as determined by incubation of the dNTP with
               radioactive substrates.
The purity of this preparation is determined by HPLC. The minimum passing specification for the triphosphate
               content is 99%.
This lot of dNTP has been performance tested with Sequenase, Taq DNA polymerase, pfu DNA polymerase and T7
               DNA polymerase.
Total Product Size:
DD0058 (4 x 0.1ml)
DD0058 (4 x 0.5ml)
Number of Containers: 1
Refrigeration Requirements: Freezer
Shipping Conditions: ICE
UNSPSC Code: 12352208
UNSPSC Category: Nucleic Acid Bases

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