CPN 550 (Yellow), Maleimide-thiol, Conjugated Polymer Nanoparticles

Katalog-Nummer 5500M02

Size : 250μl

Marke : Stream Bio

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Telefonnummer : +1 850 650 7790

(COOH, Maleimide, Alkyne, Streptavidin versions available)

CPN™ 550 (Yellow) has ex/em maxima of 470550 which means it is compatible with instruments with 488 nm laser excitation or standard filter sets such as those for fluorescence/FITC. CPN™ 550 (Yellow) can be readily combined with  to label multiple cellular proteins or biological sample components within the same mixture with minimal spectral overlap.

All CPNs™ come PEGylated as standard. CPNs™ are available with a number of surface chemistries including a carboxyl surface, maleimide and alkyne (click chemistry), to fit desired linkage preferences. CPNs™ are also available linked to streptavidin to bind biotinylated molecules.

Download linkage protocols , or find out more about our bespoke linkage services . To find out more or discuss a particular project please contact us .

For the full list of our CPN™ range, click here.


CPN conjugation kits for antibodies and oligonucleotides.
Rapid conjugation of antibodies and oligonucleotides to CPNs can be achieved using our LINKBRIGHTTM amine kits (30 mins) or our LINKBRIGHTTM thiol kits (60 mins). Click for more details.

CPN ex/em CPN ex/em
390/420 480/610
390/435 540/660
390/475 400/680
455/510 610/770
400/510 640/820
455/530 610/830
470/550 630/840
488/580 750/1000